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Sensoria is excited to announce the launch of our Ambassador Program!

We are looking for qualified running coaches, personal trainers, fitness professionals, physical therapists, and experienced runners as Sensoria Ambassadors.

As a Sensoria Ambassador you can help your clients and get compensated while improving their performance and running form through running data shared with you as their trusted advisor. 

Sensoria is the leading developer of truly wearable solutions that offer real-time feedback to runners.  Our technology helps you and your runners monitor foot landing, cadence, pace, heart rate and much more. We offer a full system designed from the ground up by runner, for runners comprised of smart garments that help runners reduce the chance of injury and improve performance. These include:

1. The Sensoria Fitness smart socks and anklet.

2. The Sensoria Fitness smart t-shirt and Heart Rate Monitor.

3. The Sensoria Fitness smart sports bra and Heart Rate Monitor.

The virtual coach within the Sensoria Fitness mobile app monitors data from the smart garments to provide real-time audio and visual feedback to runners. 

After the run, your clients receive an end-of-session report and can review details of the results via the Web dashboard.  We are in the process of introducing some exciting new capabilities to both runners and coaches through the Web dashboard, so stay tuned!

This year our products have been recognized for their innovation: winner of two CES Innovation Honoree Awards, Gartner Cool Vendor 2015, Men’s Health Fitness Award, Wearable Technology Innovation World Cup and ISPO Communication Award.

We have been testing the system for months and we are now excited about working with you, dedicated coaches and runners as Sensoria Ambassadors. 

As an example we wold like to thank Sound Training and Racing for sharing their thoughts on our quantified wearable system for running:

"...From a coaching perspective, we use heart rate as one of the primary measures of intensity of the workouts we prescribe to athletes, and having more options for obtaining HR will be fantastic. ....

We've been helping people recover from various hip and ankle injuries, and being able to analyze their cadence and foot strike will allow us to determine if they are actually favoring one leg over the other.

Using Sensoria Fitness smart socks could help ensure that she has recovered properly from her ankle injury and that she continues to have a successful athletic career. We'll have lots of opportunities to collect data as she builds up her running mileage in preparation for the Boston Marathon next year!"

Apply to join our Ambassador Program and become part of our community!

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  • Ross Kingsley

    8/27/2015 7:02:00 PM |

    I'm the founder of RK POD running group on the Gold Coast Australia. I have a growing group of runners 90 I also have a 20 year unbeaten record with my cross country team in possibly the best competition in south east Queensland. I noticed when I met your rep that you don't have training programs to support your technology. I specialize in this area.

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