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Transforming Golf Performance

The Collaboration between, Sensoria, and Mississippi State University Showcased at the PGA Show in Orlando.

The intersection of technology and sports has given rise to groundbreaking innovations, and this collaboration has set the stage for a new era in golf training and performance. This dynamic partnership will be showcased at the prestigious PGA Show, where the latest advancements in golf technology take center stage. - Elevating Golf Performance Analytics is a trailblazer in golf performance analytics, dedicated to providing golfers with cutting-edge tools to collect data, analyze and enhance their game. Through data-driven insights and personalized coaching, is becoming a trusted companion for golf enthusiasts seeking to reach their full potential on the course.

Sensoria Socks and Sensoria Core - A Fusion of Smart Textiles and Wearable Technology

Sensoria, a leader in wearable technology, has partnered with Charles Freeman and Dr. Tony Luczak at to introduce Sensoria Core Solo and Sensoria socks for Golf. These smart socks are embedded with a Bluetooth Smart system on chip, a 9-axis IMU and advanced textile pressure sensors that capture real-time data during a golfer's swing. The collaboration integrates Sensoria's expertise in smart textile technology with's analytics, providing golfers with unparalleled insights into their performance.

Mississippi State University - Advancing Research and Innovation

Mississippi State University (MSU) plays a pivotal role in this collaboration, contributing research and innovation to enhance the capabilities of the Sensoria smart socks. With a focus on biomechanics and sports science, MSU brings a wealth of knowledge to the partnership, ensuring that the technology meets the highest standards in golf performance analysis.

PGA Show - Unveiling the Future of Golf Technology

The PGA Show serves as the perfect platform to unveil the collaborative efforts of, Sensoria Core, Sensoria Socks, and Mississippi State University. Golf aficionados, industry professionals, and technology enthusiasts converge at this event to witness the latest innovations that are shaping the future of the sport.

Key Features of Sensoria smart socks for Golf

  • Real-Time Analysis: Gain immediate insights into weight distribution, balance, and foot pressure during the golf swing.
  • Connected Technology: Sync the smart socks with the Sensoria Core located at the wrist in the Humo app for comprehensive performance tracking and analysis.
  • Comfort and Durability: Crafted from high-quality materials, Sensoria smart socks ensure a comfortable fit for extended use on the golf course.

In Summary: Come and see us in Orlando!

The collaborative efforts between, Sensoria, and Mississippi State University represent a milestone in the fusion of sports and technology. Golfers can expect a transformative experience that goes beyond traditional coaching methods, thanks to the integration of innovative wearable technology and advanced analytics.

As the PGA Show unfolds, the golfing community eagerly anticipates the unveiling of the Sensoria Core Solo and our smart socks for Golf, setting the stage for a new era in golf performance enhancement. The combined expertise of these industry leaders promises to elevate the game and inspire golfers to reach new heights in their pursuit of excellence on the golf course.  Stop by Booth #3709 for a quick demo and to meet the team.



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