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Detecting Strengths and Weaknesses Of Athletes With Sensoria

Runners that know about Sensoria see the benefits a pair of smart socks can bring them. Having a virtual coach in your ear telling you how you’re performing in real-time is a concept that many have dreamed of but never thought it was possible.

As a runner you can receive the standard information like your number of steps taken or distance ran, to more in-depth details about how well you are running such as your foot strike and cadence. So what does one do with all this useful information?  The smart socks are designed with runners in mind but can be a huge resource for coaches to use on their athletes.

As a coach without smart socks you can track each athlete’s performance but only to a certain extent.  With Sensoria, the coach can have instant, reliable data at the palm of their hand.  Before our smart socks, coaches would have to use cameras, fancy lasers or just their naked eye to find out how well their athlete runs.  As one would imagine, even this is a hard task to some of the most elite coaches in the world. 

A coach can track the athlete’s foot landing, foot contact time, cadence, calories burned, distance, pace, ascent, decent, altitude, speed, and number of steps taken.  After the athlete has completed the run, the coach can go onto the online dashboard and research in more details about each athlete’s performance and data measured.

This could be key to a coach to be able to find the athletes strengths and weaknesses as well as if it’s time to increase or decrease the intensity of the program.  Having all this powerful data can separate an athlete from 2nd to 1st or avoid a possible injury.

With the shoe closet function in the app, a coach can easily track their athletes performance in each pair of shoes used. The shoe closet will store a shoes mileage, ball or heel strike percentage, cadence and pace. This information is then processed by the shoe closet and will give recommendations on which shoe to use, and when it is a good time to toss the old pair.

The smart socks are designed with runners in mind but can be a huge resource for coaches to use on their athletes. Having a tool for coaches to possibly improve their athlete’s performance and lower injury risk is an advantage for both the coach and athlete.


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