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6 Effective Ways to Tone Your Body

You can’t believe that the stubborn weight is finally melting away.

The work outs and diet has paid off but now, what do you do with the flabby skin left behind. Your goal is to have a trim and lean body; well, there are some exercises you need to do to tone up. The best thing about these exercises is that not only will they tone you up, but will help you continue shedding off weight as well.

Some of them are: 


Running is one way of working out your whole body, lose weight and it can give you some amazing results towards having a toned body. The most important item you need for running is shoes; so invest in a good, durable and comfortable pair.  Check with your doctor to get a go ahead.

Before you start, it’s always good to warm up so your muscles won’t cramp. You should change your routine often so that your muscles don’t get used to one type of running style.

It is advisable to decide how many days in a week you will be running in advance and commit to it.

  • Day 1: Try and run as long as possible; don't sprint, rather go in a moderately level pace.
  • Day 2: Have an intense workout, look for a hilly place and use it for your workout. Run up and down the hill for about 20-30mins. Use long strides when you are running on the hill. This will tone up your legs and butt.
  • Day 3: Make the sprints more intense alternating between walking and all out sprinting. Do this repeatedly in a set of 3s and 4s.

Remember not to overdo it, don't run on a daily basis give your body time to relax and regain back the energy.

Kick boxing

This is a great way to tone up. Close your fists, bring them up to the level of your eyes, punch with your fists and then kick as hard as you can with your legs. Do this repetitively while alternating your legs. The impact is felt in the whole of your body with this exercise. Your arms and legs get to tone up beautifully.


It is another great full body work out and you can tone your body with some easy steps as follows:

  • Step 1: Do laps - Repetitively do your breast strokes, butterfly strokes or back stroke to tone to your body muscles.
  • Step 2: Leg lifts - At the deep end of the pool raise your legs to your chest in sets of five then relax. Continue with this repetition for about 30-45minutes. Straighten your legs then lift them in and out of the water, tightening your stomach and behind as you do this.  These exercises definitely add your cardio strength.
  • Step 3: Treading the water - Do this at the deep end of the pool; quickly tread the water while tightening your abdominal muscles to tone up.


Always hydrate as much as you can because of sweating. Remember your body is 70-80 percent water so replenishing what has been used is very important. Water makes you feel refreshed and energized too so having a bottle with you always in not a bad idea.


You are what you eat, so make sure that the foods you consume are a reflection of what you want to look like. I know that cravings can be really terrible but nowadays you can find ways to make those junk foods into healthy meals. If you’re craving for fries, you could still enjoy them but bake the potato chips instead of deep frying them.  Another thing to note is you shouldn't skip meals because when you get hungry you could be tempted to eat anything within reach just to stop the hunger pang. Instead, you should prepare your meals in advance.

Eat lean meats, lean proteins, low -fat diary as this will help your body repair and rebuild your muscles after doing your work outs. Being selective on your diet will help you a long way in getting that toned look. Reduce on the fats, sugar and salt you take for a leaner you.


This a great way to not only lose weight but to tone that body as well. Riding works your whole body and regular cycling can gives you amazing results. If you don't have a bike you could get an entry level mountain bike or a cheap mountain bike to use for your work outs as your wish.

Cycling helps tone your legs, arms and helps your heart and lungs.

Final words

The great thing is that you are not limited to only one thing you can try all of them in bits. Sleep well at night and get that much needed rest so that your body can be revitalized. Avoid stress because it hinders your progress, laugh, dance be happy and you will have an all rounded amazing toned you.  

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