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Starting 2017 Off With a Bang!

Every January, hundreds of thousands of people flock to Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show, or CES as more commonly referred to and recognized as.  2017 was no different.  CES is the place known for its newsworthy announcements and innovative tech product launches.  Each year, it just gets bigger and better and of course, more competitive in terms of who can get a bigger piece of the coveted CES pie. If you are a geek, it is definitely THE PLACE to make a splash, to be seen and also to be heard.  At Sensoria, it was no different.  As the saying goes, “Go Big or Go Home”.  So we went BIG! 

Newly Released!

Our newly redesigned and more intuitive Sensoria Run v2.0 app is now available for iPhone.  The new app features quick start options, training plans and a sleek dashboard with graphical trend analysis on key metrics that are most important to you.  We have incorporated a shoe comparisons engine to help you monitor how many miles you have on each pair of shoes you own, and our Impact Score can help you decide which models enhance your performance and reduce your risk of injury.  And much much more!  Oh, did I mention it’s free?

And the Winner Is…

Sensoria happily unveiled the new Sensoria Core powered second iteration of our smart socks with textile pressure sensors embedded into the plantar area of the foot to measure cadence, foot landing, contact time on ground as well as other metrics which allow runners to know not only how far and how fast, but how well they run.  It got the attention of Jeff Dengate, the prestigious Gear Editor for Runner’s World.  He awarded Sensoria with his Editor’s Pick 2017 touting the new athletic product as one of the most innovative, exciting and likely to make a difference in the industry.

Listening is Critical

At Sensoria we listen to our customer’s feedback and made dramatic improvements into this new version.  For starters, Sock 2.0 is two times lighter with improved comfort and breathability thanks to a mesh insert on the top.  In addition, the sock features new antibacterial, anti-blistering and sweat wicking characteristics.  The textile pressure sensors also have improved reliability and accuracy.  Who doesn’t want that?  In the age of the Internet of Me wearable solutions, real-time, actionable feedback is critical to helping you Run Far. Run Fast. Run Healthy™.

More Power…More Performance

Later this year the anklet used with Sock 1.0 will soon be replaced by Sensoria® Core, our new revolutionary technology platform and electronics module.  This new embeddable technology has already began the acceleration of the integration of a broad spectrum of sensors with footwear and apparel products.  If you were at Sensoria’s booth at CES, a Smart Running Shoe prototype was also unveiled in partnership with UK-based VIVOBAREFOOT.  This running shoe allows a runner to transition to a more natural running form utilizing the new Sensoria Run app training plans and artificial intelligence coach, Mara.  You can simply unplug Sensoria Core from your Sensoria Sock 2.0 and snap into your smart shoe and go! 

Did I mention BIG?

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  • Filippo Pavesi

    2/9/2017 11:05:00 PM |

    Hi, I am Filippo Pavesi, also working as Technical Editor of "Correre" and "Scarpe&Sport", the 2 main italian magazines on running and footwear. I would be interested to try your 2nd gen. Sensoria "sock", in order to introduce them to our Readers in Italy. Please let me know how we can do, thanks !

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