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The First Wearable Running System Has Arrived


The running season is in full swing and our team has been hard at work improving the product experience for all of you, our friends and customers.  This month we have some exciting updates to share.

New Sensoria Fitness smart sports bra and t-shirt

We have updated the design of the Sensoria Sports bra and T-shirt based on your feedback.
This new line is made of a fabric with moisture wicking to minimize body temperature fluctuations. These garments also feature new heart rate sensors offering improved comfort, accuracy and consistency. The smart sports bra is available for $139.00 with the Sensoria heart rate monitor, or without for $69.00. (A $10 savings from the previous model!) 

Sensoria Fitness Sports bra with heart rate monitor

The smart t-shirt is available for $149.00 with the Sensoria heart rate monitor, and $79.00 without.

Sensoria Fitness T-shirt with heart rate sensors


Sensoria Fitness Running System For Men and Women

We are now offering a full IoE (Internet of Everyone) experience with a wearable running system that enables advanced training with real-time audio and visual feedback based on data collected directly from the Sensoria smart bra, smart t-shirt and smart socks. 

The Running System includes a smart bra or t-shirt, two pairs of smart socks, TWO anklets and anklet chargers.

This system comes in 2 versions:

This represents over $100.00 in savings compared to purchasing the individual items separately.
The hub of the running system is the Sensoria Fitness web dashboard and the mobile app, which monitor the runner's running form parameters and provide real-time feedback. 

Sensoria Fitness Mobile Android App Updates

A new version of the Sensoria Fitness Mobile app for Android is now available for free download in the Google Play store. This new version improves the Virtual Coach and Shoe Closet features of the app, includes a user feedback form, incorporates splits for session data and also enables user avatar integration with the web dashboard. Just like the current iOS app, the newly updated Android app now enables customized cardio zone targeting. 

You can find out more at

We are always striving to deliver a better running experience and  look forward to your feedback on these new offerings.

Paolo Sciarra

Sensoria Fitness Team

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  • Rachael Irving

    8/31/2015 8:44:00 AM |

    Would your company be interested in doing some collaborative work with an upcoming Jamaican athlete, Christopher Taylor who is the world youth champion with a PB of 45.27s for the 400m. You could give us a slightly damaged Sensoria Fitness System and we will return all data from the system. I work as a sport science researcher at the University of the West Indies where Usain Bolt and his team train. I could provide you with the data from your system as we develop our young 400m runner for the Olympics in 2016.

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