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Empowering Performance: The Sensoria Sports Bra and Rutgers Scarlet Knights Basketball Team's Innovative Approach to HRM and HRV Training


In the ever-evolving landscape of sports performance, technology continues to play a crucial role in enhancing athletes' training and well-being. The collaboration between Sensoria Core and the Rutgers Scarlet Knights basketball team has brought forth a groundbreaking application of the Sensoria Sports Bra for Heart Rate Monitoring (HRM) and Heart Rate Variability (HRV) training. This innovative use of smart textile technology aims to optimize the team's training regimen and elevate their on-court performance.

Sensoria Sports Bra - A Fusion of Comfort and Technology:

The Sensoria Sports Bra, developed by Sensoria Inc., represents a marriage of comfort and cutting-edge technology. Crafted with electrodes seamlessly woven into the fabric, this sports bra offers a non-intrusive solution for monitoring vital physiological metrics during athletic activities.

Rutgers Scarlet Knights - Pioneering Sports Science in Basketball:

The Rutgers Scarlet Knights basketball team, known for their commitment to excellence, has embraced the Sensoria Sports Bra as a key component in their sports science initiatives. The team recognizes the importance of real-time data in optimizing training programs and ensuring the well-being of their athletes.

Testimonial:  Glenn Cain, Associate Director of Strength & Conditioning at Rutgers:

"As a collegiate Strength & Conditioning Coach, we track heart rate on a daily basis.  Being able to provide Sensoria's product as an option has been a huge benefit for our program.  

Specifically for our female student-athletes who do not like wearing the traditional chest strap, the Sensoria Sports Bra allows them to play with an added degree of comfort."

Photo Courtesy of Rutgers University

Heart Rate Monitoring (HRM) for Precision Training:

The Sensoria Sports Bra provides the Rutgers Scarlet Knights with continuous and accurate heart rate monitoring during practices, conditioning sessions, and games. This real-time data enables coaches and trainers to tailor individualized training programs, ensuring that players are working within optimal heart rate zones for their specific goals.

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) for Recovery Insights:

Beyond HRM, the Sensoria Sports Bra incorporates HRV monitoring to assess athletes' recovery levels. HRV data offers valuable insights into the autonomic nervous system, allowing the coaching staff to make informed decisions about the intensity and duration of training sessions, ultimately preventing overtraining and reducing the risk of injuries.

Seamless Integration into Training Regimens:

The Sensoria Sports Bra's integration into the Rutgers Scarlet Knights' training regimen is seamless and user-friendly. Athletes wear the smart sports bra during practices and workouts, and the collected data is wirelessly transmitted to a centralized platform accessible to coaches, trainers, and sports scientists.

Performance Optimization and Injury Prevention:

By leveraging HRM and HRV data from the Sensoria Sports Bra, the Rutgers Scarlet Knights aim to optimize performance and minimize the risk of injuries. The ability to monitor and adjust training loads in real-time based on individual physiological responses enhances the team's overall readiness and resilience.

Future Implications for Sports Science:

The collaboration between Sensoria Core and the Rutgers Scarlet Knights sets a precedent for the integration of smart textile technology in sports science. The use of the Sensoria Sports Bra for HRM and HRV training highlights the potential for personalized, data-driven approaches to athlete development and well-being.


As the Rutgers Scarlet Knights basketball team pioneers the use of the Sensoria Sports Bra in HRM and HRV training, the sports world watches with anticipation. This innovative application of technology represents a paradigm shift in sports science, emphasizing the importance of individualized training strategies for optimal performance and athlete well-being.


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