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When s It Time to Retire Your Running Shoes?

Runners have a relationship to their shoes like a baseball player has to a glove or a golfer and his favorite putter.  It’s not only the comfort, durability and fashion that draws this relationship but also having sentimental value. After having gone through so many miles of water, dirt and mud makes the bond even stronger. 

So when is it time to retire one pair for a new pair

If someone isn’t sponsored by a company giving you free shoes then purchasing a new pair can put in a dent in your bank account given that some shoes can cost over $80.

While there isn’t a clear cut theory on exactly when to toss your shoes; it would be wise to pay attention to the soles and the aroma they give off, obviously.  If your trusty sidekicks are worn down so badly that the soles could fall off after one more step, then it’s time for a new pair.

Some people base their shoe decisions on the look and condition, some people track miles per pair of shoes.  Once they hit a certain number of miles then it’s time to find a new pair.

With the Sensoria Fitness app. you can easily track how many miles you have ran with a certain pair of shoes thanks to our shoe closet function.  In the shoe closet you select the brand and model of shoe you’re wearing for the run, and with over 50,000 shoes to choose from we’re confident we have your pair. 



It’s like having an odometer for your shoes! No more guessing how many miles you’ve ran or how you perform with a certain pair, our app does that for you.  The app will also use algorithms to give helpful suggestions on which shoes could be right for you by taking your personal performances and comparing those to other runners that are similar to you. 

Not only do you get the shoe odometer in the app and the recommendations but the user can go to their personal dashboard and understand in more detail how they ran during certain moments of the run.  This can be a helpful tool for those with multiple pairs of shoes that want to find out on their own which shoe they perform their best in.

With runners and shoes there is a strong bond between the two.  A runner needs a pair of shoes they can depend on using without becoming injured and perform their best.  The more information a runner knows about their shoes and how many miles they have logged with them then the more they can get out of their runs.

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